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Watch hundreds of videos about growing,harvesting and processing nuts and seeds on our Youtube.com Channel:Raw Organic Nuts
Plus watch videos on preparing nut Recipes,making nut milk and butters, along with news about the Tree Nut Industry around the world.
URL: http://www.youtube.com/user/RawOrganicNuts

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Brazil nuts
Macadamia nuts
Pine nuts

Almond Harvest by hand

Length: 1:16  minutes
Harvesting Almonds the traditional way on an almond grove in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.  

Almond harvesting by Mechanical Tree shaker

Length: 0:19  minutes
The modern way of almond harvesting in California USA.

How Brazil Nuts are Grown and Harvested
Excellent video in English with English subtitles
Length: 2:48 minutes

Brazil Nut Harvest and an explanation of Fairtrade in Portuguese with English subtitles
A Good Video of how Brazil nuts are harvested
Length: 4:14 minutes

The Story of the Cashew
Excellent video about the Cashew industry in India from the cashew tree to cashews health benefits.
Length: 6:35 minutes

The Cashew Nut
Video about the Cashew industry in Mangalore India
Length: 5:27 minutes

Hazelnut Harvest
Video about harvesting Hazelnuts in the Willamette Valley in Oregon USA.
Length: 2:18 minutes

Macadamia Nuts
Video about harvesting and processing Macadamia Nuts in New Zealand.
Length: 3:47  minutes

Video about harvesting and processing Pecans in Oklahoma USA.
Length: 2:27 minutes

Video about wild harvesting Pinon Pinenuts in Nevada USA.
Length: 9:45  minutes

Pistachios The Whole Story

Length 10:45 minutes
Growing and processing of California pistachios.

Walnut Harvesting Start to Finnish

Length 9:56 minutes
A video tour of an organic walnut orchard in California USA during fall harvest.

Walnut Shelling Plant

Length 3:53 minutes
How English Walnuts are shelled.

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