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We eat the same nuts we provide you.
Back in the year 2007 all Almonds,organic and non-organic, that were grown in the USA were required by a Federal government order to be pasteurized.
This was because of the contamination of over a million pounds of Almonds that were sold and recalled in the year 2006 by a big box store.
It was from that event that Raw Organic Nuts and Seeds was founded to provide truly raw organic nuts and seeds to our friends and new customers.
We buy all our Organic nuts from Organic and natural farmers in the United States of America.The only organic nuts that we buy from foreign sources are Brazil nuts and Cashews.At the present time these two nuts are not grown in large quantities in the USA so we buy them from organic growers in the country of Brazil and Peru.Whenever possible we seek out those producers in foreign countries that practice Fair Trade.
We know each of our sources and have checked them out as to their reputation and integrity.The good news is most organic farmers grow organic not for better prices,but because each had an awakening to the destructiveness and harm caused by conventional chemical based farming.They range from a reformed so called "Hippie" of the 1960's to modern farmers who have seen their own households and the farming communities devastated by cancers and illness, and sought a better way. Each grower of RawNutsandSeeds.com's organic nuts and seeds is committed to providing the purest natural organic food possible.
Most practice sustainable agriculture and those not yet achieving it, are moving in that direction.
We have the Organic certification of each orchard we buy from on file and have verified their Organic certification with their certification agency.
We are a Green Business and recycle shipping packaging and containers.
In our handling, storing and shipping of the nuts and seeds we hold to the highest standards of sanitation.
Each person handling the raw organic nuts wears disposable one-time use nylon gloves,hair net and / or cap on their head and a clean uniform.
Each handler of our raw organic nuts is ServSafe certified.
All of our shipments to you are double bagged in their shipping boxes to prevent the entrance of outside air and any contaminants.
RawNutsandSeeds.com wants you to know that it is first about pure food, just as nature designed it.As we say here at RawNutsandSeeds.com; nuts and seeds are Natures Original Fast Food!
That is what you'll get every time you order.
We guarantee your Satisfaction.If at any time you have a question or suggestion please contact me.

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