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raw macadamia kernels
Nut: Macadamia nut kernels : Raw Natural Shelled Un-pasteurized

Item number:100120

Price per pound: $16.99
( One (1) lb. minimum order required for each nut )
Availability: Yes
Country of Origin:USA States of Florida, Hawaii and California
Description: Raw Natural Shelled UN-pasteurized Macadamia kernels.These Macadamias are Dehydrated at Low Temperatures at or below 110┬║F.
Natural NOT Organic means at least 80% of the inputs into growing the nuts are Organic and conventional pesticide spraying is minimal or none. 
According to the National Organic Standard one non organic pesticide spray, or as it is called "input", anytime within a 3 year  time period means the grower has to wait 3 years after the last conventional input  (pesticide, fertilizer, etc.) before they can be labeled Organic again.

Within the USA ,Organically grown Macadamia nuts are rare. Considering all the factors, Natural is the best I have found so far. The greatest benefit of these Macadamia nuts is that they are not roasted so they are truly best called: Raw Natural Macadamia Kernels.
Nutrition Information: The nut containing the second highest levels of thiamin after the Pistachio.At 204 calories an ounce it is the highest caloric density nut with the highest overall fat content at 22 grams per ounce followed by the Pecan at 21 grams of fat per ounce.These are the "good" monounsaturated fats. 

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