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raw organic pistachio kernels
Nut: Pistachio Kernels : Raw Organic Shelled Un-pasteurized 
Item number: 100117

Price per pound: $16.99
( One (1) lb. minimum order required for each nut)

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Country of Origin: USA California
Raw Organic Shelled Un-pasteurized kernels.Certified Organic by CCOF.You haven't had fresh raw until you have these pistachio kernels to eat.The country of Iran is the largest producer,but the USA is rapidly moving into the #1 position.
Nutrition Information: 
The nut has the highest level of phosphorus,potassium,Thiamin and Vitamin B-6 then any of the top 8 nuts listed here.The pistachio per ounce has a phenomenally high level of Lutein and zeaxanthin at 342 mcg.(rumored to be good for the eyes).That is over 12 times as much as the next highest level which is in the Hazelnut at 26 mcg per ounce and 49 times as much as the third highest level which is found in the Cashew at 7 mcg per ounce.When you examine the nutrient content of the pistachio, it is no wonder people have instinctively desired to eat them over the centuries.
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