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Libbey Vibe Clear glass Nut Storage Jar
Every one who signs up will receive a Glass "NUT" jar with cover for your Kitchen or Office FREE with your first order in the Nut of the Month Club.

Note:(The 62 ounces glass storage jar you receive with your NOMC account will be as pictured) If you would like to order the Glass Storage jar separately or want to order sets of Quality Libbey Glass Storage Jars to store your raw organic nuts in your kitchen, go to our Health Nut Products page.

The NOMC Program is simple and easy to enroll in.
First: Select the nut you want delivered each month.(You can change the nut selection from month to month or just tell us from the start what you want each of the (3) three months)
Second: Use the Add to Cart Shopping Cart Button below to pay for Your NOMC Selection Level (3, 6, or 9 Lbs ) and then either Call us at 754-273-7688  or email us with your organic nut selection and you or your gift recipient will get the first 3 pounds of nuts within a week.
Better Yet to reduce your cost per pound, have 6 or 9 pounds delivered to you every month. ( 1 lb. minimum per type of nut )
Stay stocked up, save money and make your life that much easier with RawNutsandSeeds.com's Nut Of the Month Club ( NOMC ).

NOMC USA Ground Shipping Program Details:

3 lbs. NOMC – 0001  $52.00  a month when paid monthly
The One time Quarterly Fee for the 3 pound NOMC is $150.00, a savings of $6.00

6 lbs. NOMC – 0002  $99.00  a month when paid monthly
The One time Quarterly Fee for the 6 pound NOMC is $287.00, a savings of $10.00

9 lbs. NOMC – 0003  $149.00  a month when paid monthly
The One time Quarterly Fee for the 9 pound NOMC is $429.00, a savings of $18.00


Quarterly NOMC Levels Pounds per month
Monthly NOMC Levels Pounds per Month

Have Questions? Call Customer Service at 754-273-7NUT (7688) for assistance in setting up your Nut Club account.
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All NOMC shipments will be by Ground shipping.
NOMC shipments will be sent approximately the same week of every month.
Customers selection of nuts to be sent will be subject to availability and each NOMC
ordering customer and recipient agrees to nut substitutions in the event
RawNutsandSeeds.com's suppliers are unable to provide the customers selected nuts.
If at any time you have a question about the NOMC please call us at 754-273-7688 to discuss it.We are here to serve you.

Customers can change or reschedule monthly shipments with either a phone call to Customer Service at 754-273-7688 or an email to customerservice@rawnutsandseeds.com

Required notices for any customer changes in their NOMC Program is 10 calendar days,BUT, call us, if we can do it for you, we will, just ask.
If a customer cancels the Quarterly Nut of the Month Club (NOMC) program for any reason before the last shipment is sent, the unused portion of the Quarterly Fee will be refunded with-in 15
business days
after written notice by the customer by email to

Please read our Terms of Service